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Your home inspection may not cost you money… It could save you money.  As part of their normal service your Realtor will use the inspection report to negotiate to have various items repaired or adjust the contract so that you can make the repairs yourself. If you are comparing home inspection firms, the fee charged should not be the sole deciding factor. Remember you are considering a major purchase and your choice of home inspector should be based on getting the best value, not just the best price. Please call us at 901-755-6426 for a price quote for your home inspection.

We follow the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) standards for all of our inspections.

Factors Considered for Price: Size of the home (Square footage), type of foundation - slab or conventional, age of home and distance from our office.

Payment Policy: Payment “in full” is expected prior to or at time of inspection. We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and card payments @ the Payment Tab on this site or at time of inspection.

Reinspection (After Repairs Have Been Made) Fee: Contact us at 901-755-6426.

Cancellation Policy: If the inspector arrives at the property and the inspection is cancelled because utilities were off or important areas were locked or otherwise inaccessible, we may charge a cancellation fee of $50.00.

If you or your friends need a thorough home inspection in West Tennessee or North Mississippi, please call First Look Inspections! 

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